Lianxin Group and Shengquan Group reached a technical strategic cooperation

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In October 2020, Liaoning Lianxin Cast Sand Group and Shandong Shengquan Group formally signed a technical strategic cooperation. In the future, the two sides will increase cooperation in the field of product technology research and development, integrate enterprise resources, open and share experimental data, exchange experimental results, and jointly promote the progress of the casting silica sand industry.

Yue Zhonghua, general manager of Lianxin Casting Sand Group, and Song Weiying, sales director of Shengquan Company, signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties.

The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on the current situation and shortcomings of coated sand products and other industry issues, exchanged views on the phenolic resin project for foundry sand, and reached technical strategic cooperation in the following aspects:

1. Optimization of phenolic resin for foundry sand and development of new products;

2, technical cooperation personnel docking and working mechanism confirmation, regular exchange of scientific research results;

3. Integrate the resources of both enterprises, share laboratory and experimental data, share inspection platform, application test and requirement verification of new products and technologies.

The seminar site of Lianxin Group and Shengquan Group

Lianxin Casting Sand Group is a group company specializing in the research and development, production and sales of foundry sand. Deng Yuhui, chairman of the group, said at the meeting that Lianxin Group is willing to give full play to its own advantages and strengthen strategic cooperation with Shengquan. give full play to each other's advantages in management, technology, market and other aspects, and jointly explore various forms of cooperation models for common development.

This strategic cooperation represents the recognition of each other's strength and sincerity. In the future, the two companies will work together to integrate high-quality resources, improve product quality and research and development progress, promote the better and faster development of the foundry sand industry, and achieve a new win-win situation.