Lianxin Casting Sand Group presents "Lianxin Special Contribution Award" to retired employees, with cash award to 10000 yuan!

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On March 3, 2021, Lianxin Cast Sand Group presented the "Lianxin Special Contribution Award" to Li Guizhi, an employee of the Audit Center, with a cash award of 10000 yuan. Deng Yuhui, chairman of Lianxin Casting Sand Group, Yue Zhonghua, general manager of the group, and other leaders and colleagues organized and attended a farewell party for the retirement of Li Guizhi colleagues.

Deng Yuhui, Chairman of Lianxin Casting Sand Group, presented Li Guizhi with the honorary certificate of "Lianxin Special Contribution Award" and a cash award.1Ten thousand yuan.


From 2006 to 2021, Lianxin Casting Sand Group was established for 15 years. Because of the persistence and hard work of Lianxin people, Lianxin Casting Sand Group has won the respect and choice of more and more customers in the industry.

The development of Lianxin is inseparable from the efforts and hard work of all Lianxin people. Especially in the early days of Lianxin Casting Sand Group, it encountered too many difficulties. Lianxin Casting Sand Group is especially grateful to its colleagues who have persisted, kept together, understood and struggled to this day since the early days of Lianxin Casting Sand Group.

Li Guizhi's colleague has been closely following the Lianxin Casting Sand Enterprise since the early stage of its establishment. During this period, she has been engaged in accounting work, financial manager work and auditing work according to the development needs of the company.

Li Guizhi has worked in Lianxin Casting Sand Group for 15 years. No matter what position she is engaged in, she is conscientious and enterprising. The financial audit work is complicated and messy, but Li Guizhi always handles every detail carefully. Her enthusiasm and seriousness in her work have infected every colleague she has worked. Li Guizhi said that she was very grateful to Lianxin Cast Sand Group for giving her these wonderful memories of her working life.

Provide opportunities for every ideal and talented employee, let them practice, develop, realize their ambitions, and achieve their dreams. This is the most basic positioning of Lianxin Casting Sand Group for the relationship between enterprises and employees. Lianxin Foundry Sand hopes to become a stage for employees to achieve their dreams, and also hopes that more and more employees can show their talents and style on this stage.

Looking at the development of an enterprise, we can see from the attitude of an enterprise towards talents. Lianxin Casting Sand Group, from a private enterprise, has gradually developed into a well-known foundry sand enterprise in the country, with sales reaching new highs. Explain that when a company has a larger pattern to examine the relationship with employees, the relationship with customers, and the relationship with products. Only then can we enter a new stage of development that is more powerful and effective. This stage, for Lianxin casting sand, is the result of years of cultivation.

No hurry, no dryness, to benefit customers, to benefit employees, such Lianxin Casting Sand Group has won the recognition and respect of more and more customers!

Thanksgiving staff, Thanksgiving partners. Lianxin Casting Sand Group is on its way forward, Do not forget your initiative mind. Here, Lianxin Casting Sand Group also wishes every employee and every partner: I wish you, and like Li Guizhi, you can realize your respective values, happy work and happy cooperation in the process of working and cooperating with Lianxin Casting Sand Enterprise forever!