Lianxin Casting Sand Group Won the Honorary Title of "Top Ten Scientific and Technological Innovation Enterprises"

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Recently, Zhangwu Lianxin Jinying Casting Materials Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Lianxin Casting Sand Group, was awarded the honorary title of "Fuxin Top Ten Private Enterprises in Science and Technology Innovation" issued by the Fuxin Municipal People's Government of the Fuxin Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China.

The Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China established the core position of innovation in the overall situation of my country's modernization drive, and regarded scientific and technological self-reliance as the support of the national development strategy, and placed it at the top of various planning tasks for special chapter deployment.

Lianxin Casting Sand Group has been taking innovation as its own responsibility since its establishment in 2006. It is also thanks to the investment and unremitting persistence of Lianxin Casting Sand Group in scientific and technological innovation that Lianxin Casting Sand Group has been able to grow into a one-stop supplier of R & D, production and technical services of a series of sand products in the field of casting sand, from raw sand production to coated sand, recycled sand, artificial sand, 3D printing sand and so on.

Lianxin casting sand group has been thinking deeply about the significance and breakthrough of scientific and technological innovation for China casting. Looking at the current situation, when can Chinese foundry take off the big but not strong "hat"? It is the need for Chinese foundry upstream and downstream enterprises to master the right to talk in technological innovation. Especially in the field of deep processing of sand products and high-end sand products, Lianxin Casting Sand Group has always had its own ideal. This ideal is to hope that through continuous practice and technological innovation, in the field of deep processing of sand products and high-end sand products, we can create real high-quality products and truly realize the localization of high-end sand products.

And must through scientific and technological innovation, the price of these casting high-end sand products down, no longer let foreign high-end sand products monopolize the Chinese foundry sand market. Finally, through scientific and technological innovation, Chinese foundry enterprises can reduce costs, increase the competitiveness of casting products, so that more high-quality casting products can go abroad and go to the world.

Lianxin Casting Sand Group actively practices scientific and technological innovation. Since the establishment of the enterprise R & D center in 2012, the R & D investment has exceeded 10 million yuan. Research and development of a number of technological achievements in the international leading, and harvest a number of invention patent protection. It was rated as "Liaoning Province SME Service Platform" and "Liaoning Province Provincial Engineering Technology Center".

The R & D center of Lianxin Casting Sand Group has two pilot production lines of 2500 square meters. It has also reached in-depth cooperation with well-known domestic universities such as Wuhan University of Technology, Northeastern University, Liaoning University of Petroleum and Chemical Technology, combining campus scientific research results with the actual production of enterprises, and successfully realizing the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Some of the research and development results, such as artificial spherical sand products, have represented China's high-quality high-end sand products to overseas markets, especially the special sand products for 3D printing jointly developed by Lianxin and Shenyang Foundry Research Institute, which are better than German 3D printing sand products in all indexes. At the same time, through technological innovation, Lianxin's special sand products for 3D printing have achieved a breakthrough in cost reduction. The price of Lianxin 3D printing sand is only about half of German 3D printing sand, let more foundry enterprises can afford to use domestic high-end 3D printing sand.

In the future, Lianxin Cast Sand Group will, as always, take scientific and technological innovation as a prerequisite for enterprise development and gradually establish an inspection and testing center. For foundry sand, create the most complete test center for application testing projects. The testing and research and development capabilities of Lianxin Casting Sand Group will be shared with the whole industry. At the same time, give full play to the responsibility of enterprises, continue to cooperate with colleges and universities, and become an internship base for college foundry graduates. Through continuous innovation for the development of the foundry industry to train talents, for the transformation and upgrading of China's foundry industry to contribute tirelessly.