Lianxin Cast Sand Group Won "Top Ten Advanced Tax Payment Enterprises"

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A few days ago, Lianxin Cast Sand Group was once again awarded the "Top Ten Advanced Tax Paying Enterprises" in 2020 by the Zhangwu County Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Zhangwu County People's Government ". Lianxin Cast Sand Group conscientiously implements the national tax policies, laws and regulations, and actively assumes the social responsibility of the enterprise by abiding by integrity and paying taxes in accordance with the law.

Lianxin Casting Sand Group firmly believes that to be an excellent enterprise, not only to be recognized by the market in terms of products, but also to assume certain social responsibilities. In recent years, Lianxin Casting Sand Group has actively trained a large number of local personnel in Zhangwu County to work in Lianxin Casting Sand Enterprises, which has alleviated the local employment problem to a certain extent.

Lianxin Casting Sand Group continues to improve its products, independent research and development and innovation of new products in a number of industries, even under the impact of the epidemic, still win the respect and choice of the market, 2020 Lianxin Casting Sand Group sales reached 0.35 billion, a record high.

In the future, Lianxin Cast Sand Group will continue to innovate products, operate in good faith, strive to generate income, strive to make positive contributions to the stability of fiscal and tax revenue of one side of the economy, and finally achieve a bumper harvest of both economic and social benefits.