Safety above all! Lianxin Casting Sand Group, 2021 Annual Safety Production Summary Commendation Meeting Held Successfully

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2021 Annual Safety Production Summary Commendation Meeting Held Successfully

On January 12, 2022, the 2021 annual safety production summary commendation meeting of lianxin casting sand group was successfully held in Liaoning zhangwu lianxin jinying conference center.

This summary and commendation meeting was initiated by Yue Zhonghua, general manager of Lianxin Casting Sand Group, and presided over by the Enterprise Management Center. The participants included members of the 2021 Safety Committee of each subsidiary.

The meeting made a comprehensive summary of the safety work of Lianxin Casting Sand Group in 2021, and commended and punished it. At the same time, the meeting made a plan for the key safety work of Lianxin Casting Sand Group in 2022, and made a deep interpretation of the 2022 safety production target responsibility book. At the meeting site, the safety responsible persons of each subsidiary signed a "safety responsibility form".


Lianxin Jinying (Changyi), won the 2021 "Safety Production Award"

At the same time, he received a cash award: 30000 yuan (Deputy General Manager Zhang Xixing received the award on his behalf)

Lianxin silica sand, won the 2021 "safety production award"

At the same time get cash reward: 30000 yuan

Lianxin silica sand, won the 2021 "safety production award"

The safety responsible person of each subsidiary shall sign the "Safety Responsibility Certificate"


Safety in production is a top priority related to the safety of life and property of enterprises and employees, as well as the vital interests of employees. The most fundamental purpose of safety production management is to protect the life and health of employees, and safety management is the behavior that every manager must abide.


The managers of Lianxin Casting Sand Group, please keep in mind that safe production is above all else, and the safety of production is the premise to ensure our creation of benefits. Managers, the employees of your workshop department, come to Lianxin to work happily and safely every day. We must keep in mind that we have an obligation to let them go home safely and happily.


Too many cases of non-compliance with safety regulations tell us that carelessness, taking it for granted, and taking chances are the common features of all safety accidents. Every employee, your safety is the happiness of your family. At work, you must not be careless. If you do not comply with the safety operation regulations today, there will be no accident. It does not mean that the next time, it will not happen in the future. Not abiding by the safety operation norms may be a kind of "shortcut" at present. However, once an accident occurs, it is a lifetime of regret. It is your family who will bear the result. They will take a short cut for you and bear the unimaginable long pain.


Be a person who is responsible for himself, a person who is responsible for his family, and a person who is responsible for other colleagues. This is the biggest shortcut you should take.


Looking at 2021, all safety problems in all factories and workshops of lianxin enterprises are due to weak safety awareness and illegal operations. Therefore, in 2022, all factories and workshops should vigorously strengthen the implementation of safety operation procedures. Safety operation procedures are by no means slogans. They need to be understood and digested by employees of all positions, and form a good habit of operating in accordance with safety operation procedures. The formation of good habits requires the guidance, education and supervision of managers, so that they can truly become a safe operation procedure implemented by employees.


In 2022, the key improvement direction of safety production work:

1. Each branch factory carries out safety assessment for each process to re-examine whether our safety measures are reliable and whether there is room for improvement.

2, increase equipment safety protection facilities, improve equipment safety.

3, increase the frequency of three-level safety inspection, through repeated inspection and assessment, so that workers develop good safety work habits.

4, improve the safety management system and standards, reduce the legal risk of enterprises.

5. Enhance employees' safety awareness. Through sharing and explaining safety accident cases, employees can pay attention to safety operation from the level of personal safety awareness. It is advocated to let employees in each post find accident cases in the form of teams and groups, and then explain the measures to avoid similar accidents, so as to truly involve employees and enhance safety awareness.

6. Safety work is always the most important prevention. In safety work, managers at all levels must reach a consensus, insist on preventing the gradual progress, and control the potential safety hazards before the accident. Managers should make it clear that safety work should not be done to mend the fold after the sheep have been lost. Mending the fold after the sheep has been lost indicates that safety accidents have occurred and losses have been incurred. We should think of potential safety hazards in advance and deal with them in advance. All factories and workshops should regularly carry out the investigation of potential safety hazards in all posts, do a good job in preventing them from getting worse, and do not leave any room for the growth of potential safety hazards, so as to fundamentally solve the problem of safety accidents.


Safety is above all else. In 2022, all managers should always put safety management in the first place. All Lianxin people, let's work together to stick to and cheer together for the 2022 Lianxin Casting Sand Group's goal of zero accidents in safe production......