Enjoy "Haitang Mountain" and "Huangjiagou Water Park". Lianxin Casting Sand Group organizes employees to take a one-day trip to relieve summer heat.

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Lianxin Cast Sand Group organized a one-day trip for employees to cool off.


After the beginning of autumn, the summer heat refused to fade for a long time, and the sun was still burning in the sky.


In order to solve the heat of employees, lianxin casting sand group organized a leisure activity for employees in Liaoning headquarters.




The first stop, Fuxin Haitang Mountain Scenic Area. On that day, the weather was beautiful and the wind was sunny. Lianxin people walked along the mountain road, breathing the fresh air of Haitang Mountain and enjoying the beautiful scenery of Haitang Mountain. Begonia mountain trees tall branches, roadside spring splash, cool breeze under the forest. Among them, the lianxin suddenly showed a little more playfulness and aura on his face.


When climbing the mountain, the chic and colorful Lianxin people naturally divided into several groups, talking and laughing from different mountain roads. Begonia mountain is not steep, but very big, beautiful scenery everywhere, naturally scattered everywhere. The advantage of non-manual polishing is that for tourists, every time they encounter an intersection, turn left or right, no matter how they choose, there will be an unexpected beauty waiting for you.



This is a kind of encounter with nature, and it is also an encounter between Lianxin people and Lianxin people. Many times, Lianxin people who were originally walking together, occasionally during rest and play, unconsciously separated, but soon I suddenly found that at the corner of the next intersection, the person standing under the century-old tree and silently watching the ancient tree was not the Lianxin little partner who had just separated!



Lianxin people have their own ability to blend perfectly with nature. The rapid adaptation and integration of the environment makes Lianxin people envious and amazed no matter at work or in play......


The top of the mountain is beautiful, surrounded by idyllic fairyland, so that all the members of the great praise, worthy of the trip!


The physical strength consumed by climbing Haitang Mountain was quickly supplemented by a sumptuous lunch. The feeling of Lianxin people sitting together for dinner makes all the delicious food more precious!




Delicious, beautiful, beautiful people, photo clock, one can't be less......


After lunch, by bus, Lianxin and his party went to Fuxin "Huangjiagou Water Park". The afternoon sun is hot, colorful swimming circles, gorgeous bikinis, and arbitrary shouts instantly turn "Huangjiagou Water Park" into a tropical beach oil painting, enthusiastic, strong and charming. United letter people swimsuit, instantly become the focus of the water park.


It is hard to imagine that the low-key Lianxin people on weekdays will not refuse all kinds of amusement projects in the water park. Big horn, behemoth bowl, sky-high roundabout slide, rapid combination slide, big loop... All kinds of amusement projects are surrounded by Lianxin team. Looking at the "Big Horn" project that makes people tremble, a few little girls in Lianxin have a soft spot for it. They skate again and again, and the huge splashes and girls are aroused when they go down to surf. The screams seem to have returned to their youth when they were 17 years old.



Several young brothers of Lianxin especially love to challenge the difficult track flushing project, challenging the height of the water again and again. The greater the difficulty, the greater the splash, the greater the splash, the greater the laughter and the brighter the smile.


The playgrounds are like children who release their nature, smiling like flowers. Even if it is playing, it is necessary to have a good time at a time. Behind the free and easy engraved in the bones of Lianxin people is the confidence to challenge all unknown and impossible things.


In Lianxin's view, whether it is work or play, Lianxin has never set limits on itself. Willing to challenge, let the letter people look more young, full of vitality, and this may be the letter enterprise can continue to struggle, progress, the source of strength......