Good news! Lianxin Casting Sand Group won the honorary title of "China Foundry Industry Pedunar Enterprise" again.

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Lianxin Casting Sand Group was awarded "China's Foundry Industry Pedunar Enterprise" again"


Recently, the "Seventh National Foundry Industry Innovation and Development Forum" sponsored by the China Foundry Association was held in Tianjin. The meeting site, at the same time announced the foundry industry comprehensive top 100, sub-industry vanguard enterprise list. With its unremitting R & D and innovation, honest management and outstanding user reputation in China's foundry sand industry, Lianxin casting sand group has won the honorary title of "leading enterprise in China's foundry industry. Zhang Yuhui, deputy general manager of Lianxin Cast Sand Group, was invited to attend the meeting and attend the award ceremony.



In recent years, Lianxin Casting Sand Group has continued to increase its investment in research and development and innovation on the basis of raw sand products, coated sand products and artificial spherical sand products. In March 2021, it successfully developed "Lianxin 3D Printing Special Sand" in cooperation with Shenyang Foundry Research Institute. This product opened the localization of domestic high-end 3D printing sand and won the "National Foundry Material Golden Tripod Award".


As a domestic high-quality foundry sand R & D and production manufacturer, Lianxin Foundry Sand Group was awarded the "Drafting Unit of the Team Standard for Roasted Silica Sand for Foundry" in September 2021 ".



Keep improving and constantly surpass yourself. On the road of development, Lianxin Casting Sand Group has always been user-centered, respecting the needs of users, and taking meeting the needs of users as its own responsibility. In January 2022, the "Lianxin Special Sand Recycling Process" was successfully developed, which can significantly reduce costs and increase efficiency for foundry enterprises, and can replace the "water glass precision casting process" to truly solve the environmental problems of foundry enterprises.



Lianxin Casting Sand Group has always maintained high-quality production because Lianxin Casting Sand Group has a very strict quality inspection process and advanced quality inspection equipment. At the same time, in order to enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry as its own responsibility, from 2021 onwards, gradually launched a series of foundry sand quality inspection equipment products. As a user enterprise of foundry sand quality inspection products, Lianxin Foundry Sand Group knows more about the needs of users to use foundry sand quality inspection instruments, and therefore knows more about how to design and manufacture the instruments, which can make the use enterprise work more efficiently and operate more concisely. A series of foundry sand quality inspection equipment products produced by Lianxin Foundry Sand Group were soon recognized by the market once they were listed.




At the same time, Lianxin Casting Sand Group established "Lianxin Jinying Zhizao" company in Tianjin in November 2021, specializing in the research and development and production of "Casting Old Sand Recycling Production Line" and "Fully Automatic Coated Sand Production Line". The strong combination of Lianxin Casting Sand Group and Jinying Group has made these casting sand production equipment products widely recognized and selected by the foundry industry.


From 2021 to 2022, Lianxin Casting Sand Group listened carefully to the needs of users and enterprises across the country. On this basis, it successively established branch factories in Fujian, Guangdong, Zhejiang and other places. It is hoped that the foundry enterprises will give back their attention and recognition to Lianxin Casting Sand Group with more efficient service and better products.