Lianxin Casting Sand Group Attends the 3rd Liaoning Export Commodities (Osaka, Japan) Exhibition in 2022

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Recently, Lianxin Cast Sand Group, as a representative of high-quality enterprises in Liaoning Province, participated in the third Liaoning Export Commodities (Osaka, Japan) Exhibition in 2022. This is the third consecutive time that Lianxin Casting Sand Group has been recognized as an excellent foundry sand enterprise representative and has gone to Osaka, Japan to participate in the exhibition.


As an important foundry supplier participating in the Osaka Exhibition in Japan, the exhibits brought by Lianxin Casting Sand Group are "molten ceramic sand" products developed by Lianxin Casting Sand Group "Lianxin Spherical New Materials.


The "molten ceramic sand" product developed by "Lianxin spherical new materials" has been selling well in Japan for many years. At the exhibition site, some Japanese foundry companies that came here for the "molten ceramic sand" products developed by "Lianxin Spherical New Materials" expressed great concern and affirmation.


Among them, some Japanese foundry enterprise visitors made it clear that the "molten ceramic sand" products developed by "Lianxin spherical new materials", high-quality performance, mature production technology and successful application cases in Japanese foundry enterprises, are very convincing. Among them, some Japanese companies have offered to provide in-depth understanding of their needs and expectations for cooperation. A number of Japanese foundry enterprises have offered contact information to the exhibitors of Lianxin Casting Sand Group. And look forward to, can go to the "joint letter spherical new materials" enterprises for field visits and cooperation.


Lianxin Casting Sand Group "Zhangwu Lianxin Spherical New Materials Co., Ltd.", established in November 2017, is a joint venture between Lianxin Casting Sand Group and Japan Yamagawa Industry Co., Ltd.


It is the first molten ceramic sand manufacturer in the three northeastern provinces, specializing in the production of high-end artificial spherical sand, such as molten ceramic sand, new ceramic sand (powder) and other products.

Lianxin Casting Sand Group's "Lianxin Spherical New Materials" is mainly engaged in the development, processing and sales of artificial spherical new materials; relying on the advanced technology and advanced equipment of Japan Yamagawa Co., Ltd. and the existing industry-university-research cooperation platform of Lianxin Casting Sand Group, expert workstations, cooperation with domestic and foreign experts, and years of production experience in casting materials.


Lianxin casting sand group "Lianxin spherical new materials" in the deep processing of casting raw sand research and development, production, summed up a lot of practical experience, for domestic and overseas foundry enterprises to provide better quality of artificial spherical sand products, provides a better choice.


"Iron still needs its own hard work". For Chinese foundry enterprises, how to constantly innovate and always maintain market competitiveness is the result of the joint efforts of upstream and downstream enterprises in the whole industry. It is expected that, whether in the domestic or overseas market, Lianxin casting sand enterprises and products with unremitting innovation as their responsibility can create more and greater value for more high-quality casting enterprises.