The progress is endless, and the spherical products of Lianxin Casting Sand Group have won the favor of overseas markets.

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Recently, Lianxin Cast Sand Group's spherical products have reached cooperation after inspection by Iranian buyers. These Lianxin spherical products (here refers to molten ceramic sand products, also known as "Baozhu sand" in the industry), which are loaded into containers and shipped to Iran, will contribute to the production of high-quality castings for urban water supply, sewage treatment, urban lighting and power facilities in Iran.


This time, after months of investigation and comparison, Iranian buyers finally chose the spherical products of Lianxin Cast Sand Group. Alumina, silicon content, burning reduction, these key data indicators, from the beginning to attract the "critical" eyes of Iranian buyers. As the Northeast's first molten ceramic sand production enterprises. Mature technology, high-quality testing and quality control are fundamental to ensuring these data indicators.


The focus on quality control is a key factor that has been recognized by the overseas market for many years. Even if the particle size requirement put forward by the Iranian purchaser requires secondary testing with European standard sieve, Lianxin spherical products still pass the testing perfectly at one time.


For the first time, before delivery, the Iranian buyer commissioned a third-party testing company to intertek a random sampling quality acceptance, and Lianxin spherical products still passed the test steadily.


As the saying goes, real gold is not afraid of fire. For testing, whether it is Lianxin spherical products, Lianxin raw sand products, coated sand products or Lianxin recycled sand products, they have long been accustomed to being tested. In the production workshops of Lianxin, the largest number of personnel is not production posts, but testing posts. The busiest ones are not all production posts, but also testing posts.


Lianxin products are sent to user enterprises from the beginning of production to the factory, during which there are extremely complex testing processes and extremely strict testing standards. It is this seemingly stringent testing standard that makes the sand products of Lianxin enterprises not only recognized by domestic enterprises, but also favored by overseas enterprises.

For many companies, the road to overseas markets is not far away. At the end of the day, it is still the simple truth-"if you are in full bloom, butterflies will come". Endless, do a good job in products, I believe there will be more users at home and abroad, specially for you to come......