Lianxin Casting Sand Group Visits China Foundry Association to Talk about Development and Innovation!

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Xin Cast Sand Group Visits China Foundry Association to Talk about Development and Innovation

Recently, Deng Yuhui, chairman of Lianxin Casting Sand Group, and Gao Zhi, manager of the market development department, visited the China Foundry Association. Zhang Libo, president of the association, Zhang Zhiyong, executive vice president, and Yang Chengkun, executive vice president of the development department, received the visit.

Chairman Deng Yuhui introduced to the leaders of the association the development and future industrial layout of Lianxin Casting Sand Group in recent years in the fields of casting sand, testing and regeneration. The two presidents put forward many suggestions for the future development of Lianxin Casting Sand Group from the aspects of the 14th Five-Year Development Plan, industry demand and industrial policy. The two sides reached a cooperation intention on the construction of 3D printing sand and alkaline phenolic resin sand regeneration base.

With the upgrading and development of the domestic foundry industry, 3D printing is more and more widely used in the foundry industry. In order to better help Chinese foundry enterprises to apply higher quality 3D printing sand products to a greater extent. Lianxin Casting Sand Group and Shenyang Foundry Research Institute have successfully developed high-end 3D printing sand products made in China after years of experimental research and development. Many technical indicators of Lianxin's high-end 3D printing sand products are better than those of overseas high-end 3D printing sand. At the same time, stable supply channels and lower prices provide source guarantee for domestic foundry enterprises to produce higher quality casting products.

"Thirteen five planning", "fourteen five planning" has clearly put forward the requirements of old sand regeneration. Under the trend of environmental protection and sustainable development, the regeneration of used sand has become a problem that must be faced directly by the survival and development of foundry enterprises. Relying on its research and development advantages in foundry sand products for many years, Lianxin Casting Sand Group has cooperated with Taiwan Jinying Group to jointly develop and manufacture "old sand recycling production line", thus ensuring the better quality of old sand recycling. In order to better help foundry enterprises demand for high-quality old sand regeneration, Lianxin Foundry Sand Group has now established old sand regeneration production bases in various important regions of the country.

In the future, Lianxin Cast Sand Group will continue to deepen the transformation to a technology-based enterprise, horizontally expand product application fields, continue to explore overseas markets, continue to deepen customer services, and transform from a mining processing enterprise to an environment-friendly enterprise. The rapid and high-quality development of the industry provides more technical and product support.