Hard work is the best luck. Jiang Lipeng, winner of the "Liaoning May Day Labor Medal"

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"Click"! The picture of Jiang Lipeng, winner of Liaoning May 1 Labor Medal in 2023, at the award ceremony was fixed in the camera. At that moment, Jiang Lipeng's heart rose with a sense of pride that he had never had before. The people who received the awards on the same stage were elites from all over Liaoning Province.

He looked exceptionally young in the crowd of winners. In his early thirties, Jiang Lipeng has successively won the honorary titles of "Model Worker in Zhangwu County" and "Model Worker in Fuxin City". This year, he won the "Liaoning May 1st Labor Medal" for the first time, but his heart is mixed. I feel that this is a "dream" that I couldn't even think of before ".

  Jiang Lipeng, who joined Lianxin Casting Sand Group in 2015, took up his first position as "warehouse manager". In his own words, "After eight years of work in Lianxin, he grew from warehouse manager to production assistant and was promoted to production manager. From a small white in the workplace to winning the" Liaoning May Day Labor Medal ", he felt that he had been pulled by an invisible force, walking faster and faster, flying higher and higher......"

  Jiang Lipeng is lucky. In 2015, he caught up with the first rapid development period of Lianxin Cast Sand Group. The scale of the company continued to grow, the product structure began to upgrade, the company was thriving, there were many opportunities, and the challenges were not small. From warehouse management to production manager, for Jiang Lipeng, the biggest challenge is undoubtedly management.

  "At the beginning of management, I had an idea, but I didn't know how to implement it, and the communication was not smooth. Even some employees left because they didn't implement it. The first time I encountered such a problem, I felt that it was too difficult and there was no good way. Later, I asked my superiors for advice and study, and I also understood the importance of ideological communication with employees in management. Once the ideological communication with the employees is good and consistent, many problems will be solved and implemented in the later period." Jiang Lipeng talked about his management experience.

On the night of winning the "Liaoning May 1st Labor Medal", he kept turning in his mind, couldn't stop, and almost didn't sleep for half the night. The next day he came to the production workshop early, looking at the familiar environment, his nose suddenly A sour, the more I feel the burden on my body......

Jiang Lipeng still clearly remembers that it was in this production workshop that in order to better ensure the production efficiency, the main operator was required to come to the workshop one hour in advance to clean up the equipment. At that time, for the main operators, each had its own difficulties in this hour, but in the end, everyone reached a consensus. I can't remember the specific day, that is, one day, the main operator came to clean and maintain the equipment one hour in advance. Since then, it has been like an agreement. Everyone has adhered to it and continues to this day.

  Also in this workshop, Jiang Lipeng and his partners insisted on completing the daily settlement of raw materials. In order to use statistical raw materials more accurately, Jiang Lipeng and his partners insist on taking stock of all raw materials every day. In the face of the new workload added by these tasks, Jiang Lipeng can always find ways to reach an agreement with his partners. No matter what differences and incomprehension there are at the beginning, in the end, everyone's values on these matters will always be unified: as long as it is conducive to the development of Lianxin enterprises, we must find ways to implement it.

Jiang Lipeng is happy to fight. In 2017, in the early days of Jiang Lipeng's tenure as a production manager, he encountered a break in the conveyor belt of the pit bucket elevator, which seriously affected the production progress and the problem was imminent. At that time, the best solution was to put a person from the top of the bucket elevator to the break point to tie the rope. The problem is that this distance is as high as about 10 meters, and it is the first time that we have encountered this situation. We have no experience and are not willing to go down. At that time, Jiang Lipeng, a new production manager, personally fastened the safety belt and safety rope, and other employees lowered them to the breakpoint position bit by bit. After tying one end of the breakpoint with the tie rope, the employees pulled Jiang Lipeng up first and then pulled out the conveyor belt of the bucket elevator together.

  Until today, Jiang Lipeng remembers: "When I first went down, my heart was hanging up, and I was already sweaty before I fell to the breakpoint. But then the moment I was dragged up by the safety rope, I gradually became not afraid, and I felt confident. So many employees shouted slogans to pull me together, and a warm current poured into my chest, and I felt a lot relaxed. Only when I came home from work later, my old mother saw that my wet shirt could wring water out, and she was sad for most of the day!"

  Since then, such problems have occurred again in the workshop, and all teams and groups have employees who are willing to work on the bucket elevator.

From the moment Jiang Lipeng won the "Liaoning May 1st Labor Medal", he thought it would be best if he could hang this medal in the workshop where he worked for a period of time. He always felt that this medal should belong to the whole workshop that allowed him to grow and improve continuously.

  He also wanted to hang the medal on the bedside of his home to make up for the regret of not taking wedding photos when he got married. When he got married that year, because of the heavy production task, in order not to delay his work, he only took advantage of the May Day holiday to hold the wedding in a hurry, and the wedding photos were not taken. I wanted to arrange my work properly and then take the marriage leave. Later, I caught up with the work of sorting out the process of the newly taken over regeneration workshop. In this way, the marriage leave became a promise to my wife that was delayed and never fulfilled.

  This year coincided with Jiang Lipeng's "Liaoning May 1 Labor Medal" when his son was born. This sense of happiness smiled on Jiang Lipeng's face and warmed Jiang Lipeng's heart. When we congratulated Jiang Lipeng, he said happily: "I think this medal is the best gift for the birth of my son."

  Looking closely at the photos of Jiang Lipeng when he won the "Liaoning May 1st Labor Medal", he is full of energy, and his eyes are full of shining little stars. Each little star shines with the unique fortitude, firmness and perseverance of Lianxin., And the infinite longing for the future. I hope that in the future, there will be more and more "Jiang Lipeng" in the Lianxin Casting Sand Group, who can seize the opportunities and dare to meet the challenges during the second rapid development period of the Lianxin Casting Sand Group, so as to develop their career and life. The most beautiful and colorful stroke......