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Melting point detector

Scope of application: suitable for measuring the melting point of coated sand.


Key words:

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Scope of application:Suitable for measuring the melting point of coated sand.



1. The heat conducting rod is made of copper material, which has fast heat conduction and stable heat holding.
2. The intelligent temperature control meter, fast temperature sensing probe and mercury thermometer measure and read the temperature at any interception point. Compared with the temperature measurement of the sensor, the temperature measurement of the mercury thermometer is more true and accurate.
3. Intelligent electric system (adjustable speed), after the completion of the test equipment buzzer prompt and automatic blowing sand, reduce the impact of human factors on the test results, reduce the labor intensity of testers.


Specific parameters:

Heating range: 0-300 ℃
Power: 0.6kw
Heating volume: 45 x 45 x 600mm
Specification: 730 × 380 × 610mm
Weight: 54kg

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