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Cast steel coated sand

Use Taiwan Jinjing advanced automatic production line production, production details precise control, stable performance, high fire resistance.


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Cast steel coated sand using Sio2High silica sand with content ≥ 98% is used as raw sand, which is produced by Taiwan Jinjing advanced automatic production line. The production details are precisely controlled, the performance is stable, and the fire resistance is high. Suitable for the production of cast steel material within 30kg products.


| Advantage Features

The raw sand has high fire resistance and can withstand the pouring temperature of 1650 ℃;
The original sand angle coefficient is good, and the shell is more dense;
Advanced equipment, product stability, gas control;




Specifications AFS Raw sand refractoriness Raw sand Sio2 Tensile strength MPa bending strength mpa Gas volume ml/g Melting Point Features Application
1650 ≥ 98 3.0-5.0 5.5-8.5 ≤ 22 95-100 High fire resistance, high strength and low gas,
Good fluidity, easy to shoot, anti-sticky sand.
Ordinary carbon steel,
The weight of the casting is within 30Kg.

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