Talent Recruitment

Technician/Product Manager in Shandong

5000-8000 yuan/month


Technical secondary school/technical school

Recruitment number:


Experience requirements:

3-5 years

Work area:

Key Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for production technology, production technology and quality management;
2. Responsible for the preliminary development of the company's designated projects and the development plan of new customers.
3. Responsible for the business return visit and technical support of regular customers, and participate in the handling of customer complaints (technical quality).
4. Responsible for the formulation and supervision of the implementation of the confirmatory test plan, organize the quality judgment of test samples and important products, and organize customer testing and notification.
5. Responsible for reviewing the technical standards of products in the sales contract and inspecting the operability and other related work.


1. Under 30 years old;
2. College degree or above, major in chemical engineering, materials, quality inspection, casting and other related majors is preferred;
3. More than three years of technical quality experience in foundry and foundry materials related enterprises;
4. Understand the technical situation and industry trends of foundry-related industries;
5. Familiar with the production site, familiar with the operation process and control standards of key process control points;
6. Strong sense of customer service and communication skills, meticulous work and strong sense of responsibility;
7. Short-term business trips are acceptable.


Work location: Weifang, Shandong